The FIRST Project

This project aims to bring in one more feature in Baguio city that would definitely enthrall the visitors of this wonderful place. It’s what everybody calls "The Land Before Time". We will go back in time and see how Dinosaurs come back to life again. See up close and interact with the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spynosaurus and other species with the magic of ANIMATRONICS  TECHNOLOGY.

This part of Benguet will be called "DINOSAURS ISLAND" It will be situated in a forested area in Badiwan, a place with large ferns and trees around. Landscaping and land development will be done to include a Dino Trail where guests can walk and interact with these pre-historic creatures.

The park will be designed for us to understand better the dinosaurs and what transpired in pre-historic times. 

Puppet Dinosaurs can roam around the place. People will have a feel that they are in a different world. Indeed, a one of a kind experience for the visitors of Tuba.

Dinosaurs Island Baguio

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