More than Just Fun!

People from all walks of life and from different places, local or International have only nice words to say about Benguet. To them, it’s entirely a different experience, a comfort of modern life trapped naturally in the environs of flowers & ferns, the Ifugao heritage and the allure of Baguio’s pine paradise, Benguet has undoubtedly come up to what it stands for—‘’It’s more fun in the Philippines’’.  

This time, another addition will further not only its mission of facilitating education, conservation and protection of endangered species and wildlife but also in giving its tourists and schoolers a total package of worthwhile experience.

Three captivating theme parks to be developed in this 3.2 hectare fern land in Tuba, Benguet. This will surely be a must-see highlight for school tours and turistas!


Dinosaur Island

This project aims to bring in one more feature in Baguio City that would definitely enthrall the visitors of this wonderful place.

The Holy Land

The awe-inspiring land is a must-see for schools. It highlights beautiful messages and educational programs for the Christian community and sectarian believers as well.

Tuba Science Museum

Students can learn to access their inner brain by letting real geniuses to be their mentors and guides. The museum intends to show the famous inventions of all time.